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Tutorial Ministry

Tutorial Ministry

Mission Statement:
Through the effective use of volunteers in a Christian environment, the tutorial ministry is to improve academic performance, raise self-esteem, promote creativity and motivate students to work to their highest potential to ensure successful completion of all state mandated exams (i.e. STAAR).  It aims is to provide additional educational stimuli to sharpen skills in basic learning as well as provide positive activities emphasizing academic growth and focused decision making.  

Objectives/Goals of the Ministry:
The Tutorial Ministry’s aim is to provide needed help in the student’s school work in an effort to instill better learning habits in their already charged curriculum; enhance the education and improve the performance of students in this church and our community; match up students with qualified tutors; and to provide a conducive environment for study and homework.

Meeting Times:
Every Wednesday from 6:00 PM-7:20 PM in Room 302.

Ministry Leader:
Rochelle Brown—Coordinator