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Men of Faith Choir

Men of Faith rehearse the Tuesday before the 2nd and 4th Sunday at 7PM and sing every 2nd & 4th Sunday at the 7:30AM service.

Contact: Chris Smith at 512.775.4486 or or

Contemporary Choir

The Contemporary Choir rehearse every Tuesday before the 3rd and 4th Sundays at 7PM and sing every 4th Sunday at the10:30AM and as designated.

Contact: For more information: 713-434-4059 or
For more information, 713-434-4021 or

LJ3 Youth Choir

The LJ3 Youth Choir rehearse every Tuesday from 7PM – 8:30PM in the Y-Worship Worship Center except the Tuesday after 2nd Sunday and sing every 1st, 3rd and 4th Sunday during Y-Worship Service at 10:30AM. 2nd Sunday, the youth choir sings in the main sanctuary at 10:30AM.

Contact: Cheryl Drain at 281-438-2900 or

Voices of Faith Choir

The Voice of Faith rehearse every Tuesday before the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 7PM and sing every 1st and 3rd Sunday at both the 7:30AM and 10:30AM service. VOF also sing any special services and outings.

Contact: DeJuan Adamson for further information at 713-434-4059, or Deacon Danny Johnson at

Praise Dance Ministry

Mission Statement:
Praise dancing provides our children with a chance to actively serve God through dance. They are able to serve God at New Faith, but also in the community as well. The foundation they receive in our dance ministry provides them with the foundational skills needed to pursue a career in dance.

Objectives/Goals of the Ministry:
Praise dancers provide an effective means via worship arts to express praise and worship to The Most High; to encourage the saints and witness to those who may not have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior; hence, ridding the stigma that worship arts prioritize entertainment over ministry.

Meeting Times:
All groups meet as need on Mondays 6P-8P

New Faith Dance Groups:
Wings of Worship (2nd – 3rd Grade)
Divine Restoration (7th – 12th Grade)
Steps of Faith (Young Adults)
Faith In Motion (Mime) – 2nd grade – Young Adult

Ministry Leader:
Bertha Johnson — Director
For more information, 713-434-4020 or

New Faith Worship Team

Mission Statement:
We have been chosen, set apart and empowered by God to carry the Ark of the Covenant, stand before God and minister unto Him, and bless His name. As we worship from our hearts, we rely solely on God to heal, restore, change, and deliver His people. The will of the Father is our constant motivation. We are a part of God’s kingdom and commit ourselves whole heartedly to His workmanship. In all we do, God will be honored and glorified. We are Levitical Worshippers.

Objectives / Goals of the Ministry:
Levitical Worshippers are New Faith’s praise and worship team. Our mandate is to set an atmosphere of worship and praise in each service that welcomes the manifested presence of God and allows His word to penetrate our hearts and minds.

Meeting Times:
Every Tuesday from 7P – 9P

For more information,

Drama Ministry

Mission Statement:
Faith In Action Drama Ministry
Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Focus on Christ-centered, creative and collaborative presentations that demonstrate our faith in action. Through dramatic presentations the Living Word is heard, seen and experienced.

Objectives/Goals of the Ministry:
To build, renew, and share our faith in the Jesus Christ through His Word coming to life by way of dramatic presentations. Our goal is to encourage, evangelize, enrich and educate God’s people. The drama ministry strives to incorporate the entire church family from children and youth to adults. We are also dedicated to community outreach, where the Word is presented to transitional facilities, prisons, nursing homes, and anywhere there is a need for faith to be restored.

Meeting Times:
The Drama Ministry meets as needed. Please contact the ministry leader for more information.

Ministry Leader:
Felycia Washington