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Membership Experience

New Faith Church believes we, who are the church, became members through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ; therefore, membership in Christ’s church is not based on our heritage, age, intelligence, or knowledge of the Bible. Membership in Christ’s church is solely contingent upon God’s sovereign choice in election (Rom 9), evidenced through the gift of faith. Our Church Membership Experience allows you to connect with a community of believers and not only enjoy the benefits of that community, but also value the ability you have as a member to invest your God-given gifts in others. The Membership Experience is here to assist new members and existing members in connecting, growing, and serving at New Faith Church. We perform baptisms into the Body of Christ; new members and spiritual gifts classes, as well as spiritual development classes.

Becoming a member of New Faith Church

  • If you have never experienced and regenerated life through acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, you may, upon the profession of your faith in Him, become a candidate for Baptism by immersion according to the Scriptures.

  • Any person who wishes to transfer his affiliation from another church should do so by letter. The letter will serve as a means of informing the former church of the new relationship thereby severing the old one.

  • One should unite by Christian experience only in the event that a letter is unobtainable (former church dissolved, records destroyed, etc.).

Membership Process

All members are asked to complete a series of four Orientation Classes prior to becoming a member. These classes will assist the new member with understanding what Salvation truly means as well as how to become true Disciples for God. The classes are: Salvation, Discipleship, The Church and Spiritual Gifts, and Stewardship. Orientation classes are available for children and youth. We encourage members to complete these classes as soon as possible. All classes will be held on Sundays at the Sunday School hour (9:15am & on 5th Sundays at 8:45am) in the New Members Suite. Once the New Members Orientation Classes have been completed, the new member will be invited to receive the Right Hand of Fellowship on the following Sunday.

Membership Orientation

New Member Celebration – We think it is important and exciting to celebrate our newest members of the New Faith. Once a new member has completed the New Members Orientation classes, we will invite them to participate in the “New Members Celebration” held once a quarter during the Sunday School hour. It is at this time that we like to gather all of our newest members together for a time of fun and fellowship. You will also be presented with your New Member Certificate.

Life After New Members Orientation Classes – We believe that it is important as a believer, to continue to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. As a result, we provide Sunday School classes for the entire family! We have classes designated for men, women, married couples, singles as well as children. We encourage all members to participate in a Sunday School class upon completing the New Members Orientation classes. We look forward to seeing you there!