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All In All Together

New Faith Church is moving and we are really excited about where we are headed. Lives are being changed and ministry is going forth! God is doing extraordinary things in the life of our church. We want to bring our building up to the 21st century and pay off our church debt at the same time. Church family, you have been faithful and I appreciate that. Over 700 families participated in our I LOVE MY CHURCH CAMPAIGN. We were able to do some amazing things as a result of your faithfulness.
As we launch our new campaign, we need everyone to commit!

Commit of your time.

Commit of your talents.

Commit of your treasures.

We are advancing the kingdom of God and we need everyone’s participation. Our goal is the raise an additional $200,000 per quarter that’s a total of $800,000 per year to relieve our debt in the next 5 years. We can do it! We are depending on you. Take a look around the campus and Iook at your dollars at work.

And the great thing about that is, we are just getting started! God has given our pastor a vision of seeing the future of New Faith Church, debt free, ministering to the community at large in a fresh and new way, and improving our current facilities for our congregants.

Can we count on you to be ALL IN?

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